Creating Brand

Through Our CBD Licensing Program

Our Mission

With over 65 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution on behalf of our licensed and owned brands across various categories, we have developed close relationships with an extensive network of national and international partners and retailers.

Our mission is to increase our partners brand value through our CBD licensing program by leveraging our expertise, knowledge, and relationships in the space. The industry is projected to hit 20 billion dollars in sales by 2024 and Uniq is set up to capitalize on this growth by combining scientifically formulated products with highly recognized brands.

A recognized brand holds status and trust - just what CBD consumers are looking for.

Our Process

Broaden your product offering and overall brand presence.
Brand Analysis
Upon a licensing agreement, our team of experts embark on a complete and thorough understanding of the brands potential channels of distribution, price point strategies, and formulations. We create brand development profiles, design concepts, and marketing strategies.
Product Development
We create a bespoke product line of CBD products that align with our brand partners overall aesthetic and demographic. Our product innovation, formulation, and embellishments are accomplished through the lens of the brands DNA.
Market Strategy
Our team of experts structure a marketing strategy positioned to drive product awareness, digital traffic, and revenue. Strategies in place include Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Trade Shows, and Events.
With uniq’s established infrastructure, we leverage our multifaceted network of retailers to drive overall product placement and revenue.

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